James Pickles

In early 2019, I was a Sales Director at an industry-leading survey technology and panel company.

I had been there for 10 years and, in that time, had grown my part of the business from virtually zero to over £6 million in annual revenue. I headed up the leading sales team in Europe and had created lasting, highly profitable client relationships with household name brands. I was, by all accounts, very successful.

​In March of that year I suffered a completely unexpected and almost total mental and physical breakdown, following a severe and very public anxiety attack. I spent the remainder of the year on leave.

​Through regular therapy, I began to recover and understand why this had happened at what seemed, at the time, the peak of my career.

I have since learned that I wasn’t the only one suffering a similar experience.

Now I deliver talks, consultancy and coaching to companies and individuals to help them learn from my mistakes and take ownership over their own professional and personal situations.