Your advanced course in sniffing out porky pies

or How to avoid liars,
lies and charlatans
in your quest for the truth & trust

Conway Hall, London

09:30-16:30 – May 04, 2023

What’s in it for you

In the world of market research, we are faced with the eternal challenge of getting to and communicating the truth in a fearless way.

But we’re plagued with challenges.

From being able to spot lies and liars, to understanding the impact of lies.

From lying to ourselves to lying inside an organisation.

The speakers have been curated to come at this topic from a variety of angles…

Overall, if you have even a vague interest in listening to a diverse range of approaches on discovering the truth in people…

What they think. What to avoid. What they mean. What’s behind the words… then this is for you.

  • From journalists talking about missing the truth and the impact of lies on the wider world
  • From an entrepreneur on diverse thinking culture in corporations that avoids being hoodwinked by liars
  • From an ad agency strategy officer talking about how context can alter truth.
  • From behavioural scientists on the psychology of lying
  • From a face whisperer telling us what to look for when people lie
  • From an author talking about the anatomy of a con
  • From clients discussing how they handle and approach lying in research
  • From us talking about fraud in the research industry and how to avoid it
  • And finally, from a personal development standpoint, people talking about how to trust yourself and also how to avoid deceiving yourself that everything is okay.

    Any profits will go to our chosen charity, SANDS

What they’ll be talking about

Cole Moreton

Cole Moreton

Press Awards Interviewer of the Year

Missing the Truth

Why do we sometimes fail to see what’s right in front of our eyes?
Cole Moreton tells the story of an extraordinary, revealing encounter with Scarlett Johansson and explores the lessons learned – sometimes the hard way – from a lifetime of intimate conversations with remarkable people.

Sandie Dilger

Sandie Dilger


How context can alter the truth

Sandie will talk about how getting something into the real world is often the best test of truth and lies and will use examples from her career to illustrate it, including the iconic Cadbury Gorilla campaign.

Martyn Atkins

Martyn Atkins

Clerk, House of Commons


“Trusted” is one of the four corporate values of the House of Commons Service. It means that we trust each other to do a good job; we are impartial; and we build confidence in Parliament through our integrity. What does this mean in practice when advising politicians on controversial and contested issues?  How do we work to gain and retain trust on all sides?

Sally Henderson

Sally Henderson

High Stakes Leadership Mentor

Master the art of trusting yourself

It’s no secret that trust is the bedrock of all effective relationships; in life, in society, in business and in leadership. So, why do we so regularly take trust for granted? Why don’t we value it, teach it as a core life skill and use it to our best advantage in the workplace? High-Stakes Leadership Mentor Sally Henderson explains why now is the time to embrace your inner intuition to unlock your full potential. Sally will share with you her Trust Framework Check-In that asks simple yet powerful questions to help you commit to changing established habits for the better.

James Pickles

James Pickles

James Pickles Coaching

‘Fine thanks, how are you?’ – the pernicious habit of self deception

Saying and displaying what we think are the right things for the right reasons – a story of how this went very wrong

Alice Sherwood

Alice Sherwood


True Grift: The Anatomy of a Con

Rob Orchard

Rob Orchard

Co-founder, Slow Journalism Company

Would I Lie to You?

7 untruths that explain the state we’re in.

Rob will tell the story of how the internet became a disinformation dystopia, how lies online spill out into real life, and how we can protect ourselves against a rising tide of fibs, porkies, and whoppers.

Adrianne Carter

Adrianne Carter

The Face Whisperer

The Truth about Lying; it’s written all over the face

Unlock the hidden story behind people’s words by understanding the art of reading faces. Just like reading a book, learning some key facial expressions and body language tips can give you invaluable insights into a person’s true thoughts and intentions. Join Adrianne as we explore the tell-tale signs of deception and how to use them to give you the edge in any situation, including building your personal and business brand.

Megan Goodwin

Megan Goodwin

Creative Entrepreneur & Board Advisor

Unlock truth and trust with a diverse thinking culture

In the words of Donald Rumsfeld there are ’known knowns’ and ‘unknown unknowns’. So how do you identify unknown unknowns, because these are the biggest threat?

Perhaps the best way to ensure you aren’t hoodwinked by liars and charlatans and get to the truth is to build a culture which genuinely encourages challenge and difference… different perspectives, otherwise conformity bias, group think and perhaps liars will rule… ?

Patrick Fagan & Dan Thwaites

Dan Thwaites

Capuchin Behavioural Science

The Psychology of Lying

In this talk, we will dig into the science of lying.

We will show how you can tell if someone is lying. And share behavioural science techniques to encourage them to be more truthful.

We will explain the psychology of lying and reveal the signals that give deception away.

Patrick Fagan

What you can spot face to face; and data points you can use for detecting lying in business, from financial services applications to market research respondents.

And, importantly, the behavioural science “nudges” that persuade different groups of people to be more honest.

Or will we? 

Alistair Vince

Chief Tinkerer, Watch Me Think

Lies, damn lies and respondents

Alistair Vince

Lying has seeped deeper into our culture, and as worryingly, into our industry. Our roles as purveyors and communicators of truth are under attack, and we have to do something about it if we’re to maintain our integral position in our organisations as the people that can influence commercial success by calling bullshit, showcasing truth and explaining why. This presentation will explain what we’re up against, what’s changing and give you tools to ensure you’re equipped to battle against the incoming tide of the sea of lies. 

Client panel:

Telling the truth in the research industry

  • Keith Sleight, CMI Director, Shopper Insights, Unilever
  • Katie Angier, Global Consumer Insights & Analytics Lead for Innovation and Healthcare Professionals, Reckitt Benckiser
  • Paul Thomas, International Insight Director & Global Head of Shopper Insights, Beam Suntory
Katie Angier
Keith Sleight
Paul Thomas

With special thanks to Unilever for their kind support in enabling this non-profit event.